Non-Warrantable Condos / Condos In Litigation


All Litigation OK! Low O/O Ratio OK!

High HOA Default Ratio OK!

More than 10% owned by one entity OK!

           *Unless owned by the original builder or developer

           *Borrower cannot own more than 10%

** NOO 75% LTV Financing Available

*Project must be larger than 10 units (Case by CaseExceptions)

*No short-term rentals

*The builder or developer may not own more than 10% of project

*417K Max Loan Amount for NOO Properties (occassional exceptions allowed)

*625K Max Loan Amount for OO and 2nd home only in qualified counties (2nd Home 65% MAX LTV)

*Ask about delayed financing

*Unit must have minimum of 600 square feet and 1 bedroom (no lofts)

*No more than 20% occupying space can be commercial use i.e. retail,etc